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Founded in 2018 by the two company directors Paul Barns and Graham Bristow. One thing both entrepreneurs had in common was a passion for IT. These two guys are my boss and my inspiration for writing this blog

My name is Craig Malloy and welcome to my site that is focused on the world of tec and anything tec related. I gave Paul and Graham a shout above because they are my mentors, and I wouldn’t have achieved the success I have today without the input they have given me.

I was born in a small town in South Carolina and grew up there until I went to uni. After graduating, I got a job in computing and moved to an apartment where I work in Portland, Pennsylvania.

It was my love for technology that caused me to start a blog. It’s now my goal to build out my blog with fascinating and technically captivating content where I bring my own take on anything technical or technically related.

I am a very competitive person that thrives on success and achievement. For this reason, I need this site to succeed. My focus to ensure this happens is to publish some fascinating topics and subjects that keep up with ever moving and accelerating with advancement in tec product development.

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