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Charging A Car Battery In 10 Minutes Will Be Possible With This Technology

Dr. Rachid Yazami is the inventor of the lithium-ion battery’s key components. He is currently developing a technology that can charge an electric car in just 10 minutes.

Electric mobility is gaining ground in cities. More people choose electric cars for urban mobility. Electric mobility is the future, thanks to both the environmental benefits and the dedication of both drivers and manufacturers.

However, technology has improved a lot over the years. Electric cars must overcome certain obstacles in order to be the most popular option and eliminate combustion engine vehicles. Slow charging of batteries is a major problem, but the days of this obstacle seem numbered.

Dr. Rachid Yazami is the inventor of graphite anodes, which are key technologies for lithium-ion battery technology. He is currently working on a technology that allows an electric car to charge in just 10 minutes. These characteristics will allow electric mobility to be refueled in a fraction of the time it takes to charge the battery.

Dr. Yazami explained to The Register that he has developed a fast-charging technology that will greatly enhance the performance of existing technologies. It can charge a high-density lithium battery in 10 minutes. This is seven times faster than Tesla.

Dr. Yazami used a different loading technique to achieve this breakthrough. Their technology does not apply constant current but uses non-linear voltagemetry to control voltage, rather than current.

Scientist explains that voltage should be considered as steps on a ladder. Each rung must have a constant voltage until the parameters are satisfied before the next rung can move. The charging system allows the batteries to take a break while they charge and extends their useful life.

Dr. Yazami says that fast-charging technology prolongs the battery’s life by avoiding stress. The battery can be kept indefinitely instead of being stored for five years. A battery that can be charged in ten minutes for 800 km would be the ideal situation.

The scientist is working on fast charging and the safety of electric cars.


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