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Meet The MGS Cybersecurity Update

Our MGS Cybersecurity product was launched on the market in 2019. We have written about its features in this article. After a successful year, the product has been relaunched. The new version will offer additional protection for MGS customers, and increase its competitiveness.

The new product provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats that freelancers and SMEs may face, regardless of whether they are caused by external attacks or employee negligence. It may also protect against reputational and financial crises, third-party claims and sanctions.

The new product provides basic coverage at the first level that covers cybersecurity incidents and gives customers digital content that helps improve cybersecurity awareness. All computers can be monitored and protected, as well as any vulnerabilities. Optional coverages are available at a second level that can reduce the economic impact of cybersecurity incidents by third parties.

Albert Sole, MGS Seguros’ Barcelona Diagonal Branch Manager and specialist in MGS Cybersecurity, shares the following key points about the new product version:

“With the enhancements to the product, it is now possible to reaffirm our innovative and completely differentiating solution on the market. We not only protect our clients, as we have done, but also provide insurance to cover any damages that may be caused by an attack against their computer systems. Our clients now have a complete contingency plan. We accompany them during, after and before the attack. Our solution can be used as an additional support to your IT expert.

MGS Ciberseguridad offers two industry leaders, Ackcent Cybersecurity, and AIG, to small and medium-sized businesses and professional firms at a highly competitive price.

Personallly, I feel that the addition to our product, which we have already offered, is the right time. Cybercrime is on the rise due to the current crisis that many companies are facing. This has led to a greater awareness and is expected to continue. No matter their size, increasing numbers of companies will be compelled to invest in Cybersecurity.

Although we are still far off, it is likely that companies won’t even think about not being covered by cyberinsurance or hiring a cybersecurity service. Cybersecurity will undoubtedly continue to grow and gain momentum. According to Sole, I believe it will be a permanent fixture in companies’ budgets, as it is in large corporations today.

MGS Ciberseguridad has been consolidated to be an unbeatable insurance option for professionals and businesses against increasingly frequent attacks on their computer systems. It offers a wide variety of contracting options and guarantees that make it one of the most competitive solutions in the market.


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